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How does it work?

Automower® is a whole new style of lawn care! With traditional mowing, your lawn grows tall before being cut off all at once. By contrast, Automower® clips just a little grass at a time, frequently. The result is a lawn that’s always picture-perfect. And don’t worry about Automower® missing a spot – the unit changes its pattern according to a programmed schedule. Talk about a smart solution!
  • Clips rather than cuts
  • Fine clippings fertilize naturally
  • Smart working time based on grass growth rate

Automower Facts

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Is Automower® safe?
Automower® is safe for use around your children or pets. The blade will automatically stop if the mower is even slightly lifted. The outer body of Automower® is extra wide to provide ample space between the blade and the outer edges of the cover. Additionally,
Automower® can be scheduled to dock when kids or pets are in the yard.
  • Blades stop immediately if unit is lifted
  • Gently moves around yard
  • Non-fixed blades

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Will Automower® be stolen?
Your Automower® is uniquely yours. To discourage theft, every Automower® comes with a unique PIN code that must be entered to make the unit operational. Additionally, Automower® has an audible anti-theft alarm built in. In the event of theft, models equipped with GPS tracking can pinpoint where the unit is.
  • Smartphone-viewable GPS
  • PIN code activation
  • Anti-theft alarm

Will it go in the street or my neighbor's lawn?
Automower® cuts inside a boundary wire that’s easily installed by you or the selling dealer. It’s a dependable and effective system that can be customized to any yard or series of obstacles. As a result, your Automower® will go only where you want it to go – never in the street or a neighbor’s yard.
  • Easily installed boundary wire
  • Stays within pre-defined area
  • Returns to charger on own

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What about noise?
The best time to mow is any time! The sound level of the Automower® is very low, ranging from 69 dB(A) to as little as 58 dB(A), depending on the model. By contrast, the average level of normal mowers is between 95 and 100 dB(A). You can easily have the mower working in your yard without disturbing yourself or the neighbors.
  • Far quieter than traditional mowers
  • Won’t disturb the neighbors
  • Can be set to run at night

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What if it rains?
Yes, Automower® is designed to withstand wet, rainy weather. In fact, your Automower® will continue cutting in dew or light rain. If the downpour becomes too much, the unit will head back to the recharging station. However, we do recommend you bring the mower inside during extreme weather conditions.
  • Works in wet and rainy conditions
  • Returns to station as needed
  • Weather resistant

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Are slopes a problem?
Thanks to its large driving wheels, Automower® works well on uneven ground and slopes up to 24°. Unlike traditional mowers, Automower® will not scalp hills. To help Automower® complete its job perfectly, it’s helpful to fill any gaps or holes in the yard prior to starting your mower.
  • Handles slopes up to 24°
  • Large driving wheels
  • Won’t scalp hills
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How do I choose an Automower® model?
Each Automower® model is designed for mowing a different lawn size. Not sure how big your yard is? Don’t worry – we’ve built a handy calculator tool to help you choose! Click here to find your address and calculate the dimensions of your yard.
  • Type in your property address
  • Calculate your yard size
  • Choose the right model
How do I install Automower®?
You can easily perform the installation yourself. Just follow the instructions in the operator’s manual. It takes about 2 to 5 hours, depending on the size and complexity of your lawn. Your local Husqvarna dealer may also offer an installation service. Check with your local dealer for installation packages.
  • Install yourself
  • Follow step-by-step instructions
  • Set Automower® up and forget about it
Will Automower® work with my smart home system?
When connected to Amazon Alexa or Google Home, Husqvarna Automower® becomes a natural part of your morning routine, your kids’ after-school play time, your backyard cookouts and many other everyday activities. Want your yard to be as smart as the rest of your home? Just say when.
  • Total convenience
  • Works with smart home technology
  • Amazon Alexa, Google Home and IFTTT applets

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